Information Technology Hiring Pitfalls- Choosing a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Information Technology Hiring Pitfalls-Blog

Pit Falls to look out for when choosing how to Manage IT for your business. What should you expect from a Computer network Managed Service Provider (MSP)? There are many different ways to get your business computer working correctly. Companies can choose to be proactive or reactive. Reactive services include The IT Guy, Internal IT, and […]

Social Media vs. Social Engineering – Are you protected?

Social Media vs. Social Engineering-Blog

There are countless amounts of people on the internet who are masterminds at taking other people’s personal information. These individuals are proficient in Social Engineering.   What is Social Engineering you might ask yourself?   It is a form of deception with the intent to have individuals release confidential or personal information to use that […]

G Suite is Pretty Sweet!

G Suite is Pretty Sweet-Blog

Are you a Microsoft Office kind of person?  Think you’d never change from them? Maybe you want to explore Google’s office products – G Suite. It’s a much more modern take on tools you’ll need for running your business, and it’s less expensive than your current Office 365. First let’s look at the offerings of […]

Facebook and Your Privacy

Facebook and Your Privacy-Blog

OPINION There are so many articles about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica and the privacy of your data, that I’m hesitant to add one more. However my customers keep asking me is it safe for them to continue on Facebook, and will Facebook continue to be the social media platform giant it is now. Here are […]

Is HaaS (Hardware as a Service) Right for me?

Is HaaS (Hardware as a Service) right for me-Blog

HaaS (Hardware as a service) is a great way to get the computer or network equipment you need today and spread the payment over several months. There may be a time when your company will need to make a large investment in IT equipment and Talon can provide a financial solution. Equally important is maintaining and […]

Tech Savvy. It Doesn’t Have to Be Scary.

At Talon Managed IT Solutions, we don’t ever want to hear our clients say: “I couldn’t live without you.” That might sound counterintuitive to you, coming from a technology company. We don’t want you to nod your head and act like you understand when your IT guy starts spouting a bunch of jargon.  We don’t […]

What is a Hashed and Salted Password?

What is Hashed and Salted Password-Blog

You might think hashed and salted is a way to order your potatoes for breakfast. But it’s not. Hashed and Salted are technical terms and they are actions to help keep your passwords safe.   Hashed means your password has been encrypted by an algorithm into a set number of characters in a string. Salted […]