Is HaaS (Hardware as a Service) right for me-Blog

HaaS (Hardware as a service) is a great way to get the computer or network equipment you need today and spread the payment over several months. There may be a time when your company will need to make a large investment in IT equipment and Talon can provide a financial solution. Equally important is maintaining and managing your IT Service infrastructure.  HaaS makes sense for many companies.

Companies that are good candidates for the HaaS program understand that their CFOs must maintain control over all financial parts of a business. Maintaining your business’ computer hardware in-house can be a hassle and can easily run out of control. Furthermore, Haas provides the skills and management to maintain a working infrastructure while providing employees with great equipment and professional support.

Here is how HaaS (Hardware as a Service) can help.

1. Installation and Setup
2. Ongoing software and hardware upgrades and fixes
3. Proactive computer systems replacement program
4. Monthly billing vs regular capital investments
5. Managed IT and Helpdesk Services
6. Scales with your business’ growth and future needs

Other companies decide that their money could be used for other investments. To put it another way, they do not want to disrupt cash flow, or money is tied up in other ventures.   Your team’s time, money and expertise should be focused on your business and how to grow revenue. On the positive side IT Service companies can the network and employee’s helpdesk questions.

HaaS solution for businesses in Albuquerque can be provided by Talon: HaaS (Hardware as a Service), which provides the hardware and IT support you need at a price you can afford.

 IT Service team’s top priorities are to make sure your Computer IT systems are protected and running smoothly. You do not want technical problems to take the focus away from your business.  You want to focus on what’s important – the profit of your business.  Making sure that your business is secure and protected while providing fast Helpdesk and an Onsite response is just part of a good IT Team. It is our commitment to building a long-term business partnership with our customers.

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