At Talon Managed IT Solutions, we don’t ever want to hear our clients say: “I couldn’t live without you.”

That might sound counterintuitive to you, coming from a technology company. We don’t want you to nod your head and act like you understand when your IT guy starts spouting a bunch of jargon.  We don’t want something to break, so we can come fix it for you. We don’t want you to worry about your hardware or software is obsolete.

Instead, here is what we strive for when servicing your business: We want your business to hum along, without any technical difficulties.

We manage your technology so that we catch any glitches that might occur before you even know about them.  If something does happen, most times we’re able to correct the issue, by logging in remotely to your computer/system. If there is something you need to be aware of, we talk to you in plain English and explain the best we can.

We want your company to be considered tech-savvy by your peers and customers.

To accomplish this, we keep track of new technology, we test what works and what doesn’t work. We know when old computers won’t be serviced anymore, or when software needs a new license. And we take care of things for you in advance so there won’t even be a hiccup in your service.

Often being considered tech-savvy by customers can mean more than just having a smooth operation in your location.  At Talon, we consider all the ways your business uses technology, including the internet. From getting you a good connection to making sure you have a modernized website, for flawless e-commerce, apps, and social media. We have expanded our services to ensure you have the best for your business.

We want you to be happy to see us.

Many people fear their IT guy because they’re sure he’s going to fix the problem but cause another one so he can bill for another visit. At Talon, our visits are built-in to your contract. We want you to be happy to see us.  We stop by your business to check in and see if there’s a new way to help you or to answer some of the spot questions.

At Talon, we’re the technology experts, so you don’t have to be. We make sure that your business is tech-savvy and cutting edge, without a second thought from you. We don’t talk down to you, we don’t talk a lot of techs speak to you and we make your business work better.  We want to grow our clients to be better in their field and create long-term business partnerships. And it all starts with a conversation.

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